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Beanie Feldstein

Beanie FeldsteinNews, Kritiken, Songs, Alben, Streams und mehr Mehr als ein Jahrzehnt machten die Rolling Stones die Rockmusik zu dem, was man heute. Beanie Feldstein. Filme; Bilder (10). Filme mit Beanie Feldstein: Booksmart (​) als Molly. Lady Bird () als Julie Steffans. Bad Neighbors 2 (). Molly (Beanie Feldstein) und Amy (Kaitlyn Dever) blicken dem letzten Schultag entgegen: Nur noch 24 Stunden, dann ist der Albtraum geschafft und eine Welt.

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Elizabeth „Beanie“ Feldstein ist eine US-amerikanische Film- und Theaterschauspielerin. Elizabeth „Beanie“ Feldstein (* in Los Angeles, Kalifornien) ist eine US-​amerikanische Film- und Theaterschauspielerin. Entdecke alle Serien und Filme von Beanie Feldstein. Von den Anfängen ihrer Karriere bis zu geplanten Projekten. Beanie Feldstein. Gender. Female. Born. Los Angeles, California, USA. Performer. Also Known As. Elizabeth Greer Feldstein [Birthname]. Relations. Alle Infos zu Beanie Feldstein, bekannt aus Lady Bird und Bad Neighbors 2: Biografie von Beanie FeldsteinBeanie Feldstein wurde am Juni in Los. Finden Sie perfekte Stock-Fotos zum Thema Beanie Feldstein sowie redaktionelle Newsbilder von Getty Images. Wählen Sie aus erstklassigen Inhalten. Gerwigs Publikumsliebling über einen rebellischen Teenager. Info; Trailer. Facebook · Twitter · E-Mail. Zürich Programm Beanie Feldstein. Mehr. Besucherinfo.

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Elizabeth Greer "Beanie" Feldstein (born June 24, ) is an American actress and singer. Young girls sprint after her on the street begging Feldstein to. Tsd. Abonnenten, folgen, Beiträge - Sieh dir Instagram-Fotos und -Videos von Beanie Feldstein (@beaniefeldstein) an. Beanie Feldstein. Filme; Bilder (10). Filme mit Beanie Feldstein: Booksmart (​) als Molly. Lady Bird () als Julie Steffans. Bad Neighbors 2 (). The Old Guard. Die Familie hat Bäreninsel Wurzeln. Was bleibt, ist ebenso nette wie harmlose Unterhaltung. Themen Hessischen Бэби босс und Kinopreis bekannt gegeben. Michele Gentile. Tipps Geburtstag: Beanie Feldstein. Sean Connery.

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Alle Lucy Tyler von Beanie Feldstein Alle Themen. Mindy Sterling. Judgment Studio Isabella Grenze der Hoffnung. Ihre Mutter arbeitete als Kostümbildnerin und Fashion Designerin. Nadia Zoe. Der Film mit Saoirse Ronan in der Hauptrolle, deren Freundin sie spielt, wurde unter anderem für fünf Oscars nominiert. Nicolaas Bertelsen.

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Beanie Feldstein on Coming Out, Loving Her Body, and Finding Confidence - I Weigh Chats - I Weigh Beanie Feldstein. Beanie Feldstein. Beanie Feldstein. Serien und Filme mit Beanie Feldstein: Grey's Anatomy · What We Do in the Shadows · American Crime Story · Will & Grace · The Late Late Show with James . Elizabeth Greer "Beanie" Feldstein (born June 24, ) is an American actress and singer. Young girls sprint after her on the street begging Feldstein to. darstellerischer Finesse ergeben ein aufrichtiges Sehvergnügen. Zur Person. Kein Bild vorhanden. Filme mit Beanie Feldstein. Booksmart · Lady Bird. News. Alles zu Beanie Feldstein bei · Hier findest du alle Filme von Beanie Feldstein, Biografie, Bilder und News · Fan werden! Ein Porträt. Namen Bilder Zum Jahreswechsel 2019 Bozhilova. Liane Forestieri. Zu Listen hinzufügen. Sie besuchte die Harvard-Westlake High School. Lee Byung-woo. Komplette Filmographie. Bradley Whitford. Es war einmal Indianerland.

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Zur Person. Lady Bird. Mitte November kommt Booksmart in Deutschland ins Kino. Beanie Feldstein Beanie Feldstein

Bridget Jones's fucking Diary. I love that movie. I think it's very funny. But I look back now and think there are elements of that film that are fucking psychotic because of the fact that she is a slim woman who all the jokes are on her weight, all of the commentaries about her weight and defines everything.

And I loved it. And even seeing her representation, I remember as a teenager going like, oh, thank God. And now I feel so seen because I was you know, I was this I was bigger than her, but I was like, oh, finally this someone I can't just see ribs.

And she's curvy. And and it made me feel a bit more seen. But also now I look back and I'm like, oh, wow, I thought I was, yeah, big, or deserving of fat jokes because that was so hyperbolized.

I'm not criticizing it necessarily. I'm that means a lot to me because it definitely is purposeful in some way. I think growing up I was obsessed with musical theater.

It was all I did, it was I talked about it all I ever wanted to do. And because of that, I heard a lot of, it came out around the time I was like 10, I think.

But after it came out, it was like have you ever played Tracy Turnblad in "Hairspray"? Do you want to play Tracy Martin in "Hairspray"?

How about Tracy Turnblad in "Hairspray"? And I was like I was so frustrated that that was the single only role that people could see me in, in their mind's eye for musical theater where I was at that point, ten and eleven and playing any shape, size, age, you know.

I played Grandmas and and 7 year olds and all of it. And I just did anything I wanted because you're a kid doing musical theater. And I was like, why is this the single only role that people want to see me as?

And it really frustrated me and I kind of became this thing. And the thing is, I love the women that have played that role. And I think they're beautiful and effervescent and gorgeous and funny and so talented.

But I said to myself early on, I was like, this is never a role I'm going to play because she is a symbol of her weight, basically.

And that was you, she's like an embodiment of weight. And that is her main characteristic for people from the outside. If you actually watch the show, those those performances and the writing is so nuanced.

The women who played that role should have been able to play other leading roles. But when people think about roles in musical theater, that's the only one that comes to them.

And so it was really something that I was like. This is going to be a thing where I don't want to play women that are talking or if this their sole character trait is that one of their main character traits, other is about their weight.

I want to just play human women in the world. And that was very important to me. And I am lucky that I'm at a time right now where those roles are much more prevalent than they were before.

And they're also being given to people of all shapes, colors, nationalities, backgrounds, everything. But it still is a work in progress.

It's still happening. But I do I do take things very purposefully. And I don't. I just can't read something and have it all be about body, because that's just who I am.

Have you ever struggled with body image stuff? So when I was like 12, 13, things were not great. Like, I I really struggle with my my body image.

I've never been that athletic of a person. And this girl was like, because your stomach's full of beans. That's why your name is Beanie, like, you know, all then all the horrible like bullying.

And it really, really affected me for a long time. Did it ever make you weaponise food? Because I happened to me when I was younger, I was about eleven when I got weighed in front of my whole school.

And you're really resilient. Like I suddenly realized overnight that it was a thing and I immediately started thinking about diets and googling diets and investigating them.

Reading little books and I started to look at food as like food is love, food is comfort. Food is anything but just fuel.

I mean, there were different doctors and and people that wanted me to go on diets or eat a certain way.

And it always felt horrible to me and it something that I loathed and and didn't like and would resist. And shopping was always kind of stressful.

And then at like, I think around 16, I just sort of like threw my hands up and was like, I started saying this thing, which is carried me through my whole like rest of my adolescence and into my adult, which is like "They either want the Bean or they don't want the Bean".

And they can be anyone. It could be like. So that's what happened in my head. Not what I was going for. I'm sorry. How the fuck did you come to that conclusion?

I just came to that Was there a thing that happened? I'm like the farther you, you are away from the norm. The harder or like just like the more space between you and the norm, you just kind of feel less close to it.

Like you feel less, you value it less. And so I think at a certain point I lived with this for so long, I just like I'm chubby.

This is just who I am. And I like it. It suits my personality. It suits who I am. I love clothes. They look great on me. And that's just kind of it.

And I think it was like, you know, a lot of my friends who are are very thin and beautiful. I mean, not thin because, not beautiful because they're thin, but they are thin and beautiful.

Say to me like, you have such a great relationship to your body. I wish I had that. And they are in my eyes, like the epitome of what the norm.

In their own heads and their own bodies and their own minds. But it plagues them, whereas I'm far from it. And so it never, it never plagued me after a certain time, because I was just like, this is just who I am and I'm just going to own it because I don't want to be that thing.

It's is very far away. And it's not the thing that I want, you know, but if you think about it's like if you're very, very close to something, it's very attainable.

But if you're very far away from something, it is what it is. Although anyone could feel that way.

Like, you don't have to be very, very far away from something to just be like, you know what, I just can't be bothered to negotiate with this.

Okay, so I'm in a place where I don't I don't necessarily love my body, but I don't really, I just don't really engage with my body.

I'm like, this is just my guy. My guy takes me away. Breathes for me. Lets me swallow cake. I, I can see and all these different like luxuries that I have and I just appreciate every tiny little thing.

It's just always like every time, every time I listen to music which is every day. Suh an emotional experience. The fact that I can hear this music, especially when it's good music.

Sometimes when like you know, Pitbull or something is playing. I'm like, oh, I'm not that grateful right now. But still, anyway. I just don't like Pitbull's music.

I don't know what to tell you. I admire Pitbull's business acumen. Well, we don't need to keep that. But I, I don't engage with my body, I guess, in an aesthetic way.

I kind of practice body neutrality. Which is just me just being like, I accept you. Whatever it is that you're doing. You do you, I'll do me.

And we'll just go everywhere together. I don't have to adore you. I don't have to look at you lovingly in the mirror.

Where you are you at? Are you like I love my body. I'm like, she's cool. Unbelievably gorgeous. Is that weird?

And so I feel like this love that you have on the inside does radiate out of you. Aside from the fact that you have fucking big green eyes, you bastard.

I just love green eyes. Here's the thing. You're always going to want what you don't have. Like my brothers and my nephews and my dad have blue eyes.

I think blue eyes are so beautiful. Why waste, as you say, why waste the time? It's just like. But I do think, like I you know, I do try to like really work on trying to help sort of shift the people around me to think about what they're saying around bodies because-.

My costume weighed like 20 pounds. Eight shows a week. And without realizing it, I guess the pounds just dripped off me.

I didn't think about it literally at all. I wasn't trying. Wasn't a part of my thought process or didn't change the way I ate.

But just if you do that consistently enough, that's the result. You look so much better. You look so good. What did you do?

You look so good? How much better do you look? I was like, what? Like I just didn't. And then I understood what they were saying, and it was so-. And I wrote this piece for Refinery Twenty Nine.

That was about it. And it's just about like when we tell people that they look better because they're thinner. Do you understand what rhetoric you're producing?

And I actually felt worse because all of the sudden I felt on display. I felt like a mannequin in a museum or like at a shop, like waiting for people to look at me, whereas like normally I'm just bopping about my day being me with the bop, like it's all fine.

And it also sets an expectation that maybe you didn't feel but for some people it sets an expectation of like, did they think I looked bad before and now do I have to maintain this aesthetic-.

That's what their saying. Through their language that's what they're saying. And it's also saying that they've been tracking me this whole time.

And so I wrote this thing and I and I it's a beautiful response to it, not just from people who struggle with their weight. I had a lot of people, a lot of people that have been sick say to me, people tell me I look so much better and in fact, I'm ill and they don't know that I am.

The response has been across the board from so many different people in different walks of life and going through different experiences very, very meaningful to me because I just was like we need to not give, why society give everyone permission to comment on each other's bodies?

It's like just say you look beautiful today, not because of one specific thing that your leg looks slender or your ankle looks skinny or whatever it is.

You know, I mean, it's also coded. And it's it was really frustrating to me. And I was still like for me, my like towards my, like the smallest I've been in my whole life.

And the character is a big girl. And they reference sometimes that she's a big girl. And it was so interesting for me because I was the thinnest I've been since I was a child.

And it was so interesting because I was like even now this is sort of the Hollywood version of what being big looks like.

I was like, I'm actually the smallest I've been in in decades. And yet this is still kind of seen as big and that's even, you know, like interesting.

And it just was so fascinating to me, like who these lines are so arbitrary. And the film is so triumphant in saying that that doesn't matter.

And who gives a shit. And her body is her body. And it's it's not the narrative of the film that saying that but it's characters in the film that you're supposed to be mad at.

That say that. And I think it's just so interesting because. But it is like so prevalent. I was filming something once where they were supposed to describe my character as someone was going to sort of objectify me.

Be like or think I was supposed to objectify myself or something and call myself slim and beautiful as an arrogant sort of moment. And one of my costars at the time on that set was like, oh, we should probably take out the word slim.

And they didn't mean it in a cruel way or sort of just like came out of their mouth as like a, oh, we should probably take out the word like thin.

I think that was it. I referred to myself as thin and I was immediately like, I am a size 6, but also that's crazy that you just said that out loud cause you a look at my body type.

But it is you know, it's a, it's a six. And then you've objected to it out loud publicly on a microphone. I was just like I wasn't offended.

I'm so unable to even contemplate my body that I don't even care. It's abstract to me. My body is a Picasso, right?

You know, so I don't know what, you know, whatever. It doesn't matter. But I was more amazed by the hyper-normalization of that objectification.

Where I was like, Jesus Christ, this is still really an issue, even now. And that was just a couple of years ago. It's so. I'm sorry, you had to go through that.

I'm fine. You're fine, but it's not fine. I know. It's definitely not fine. That's kind of why I have all these complications with people.

It's fine. It's like it's like you are fine, because you are strong. But it wasn't fine, whatever the "it" might be. It's, I think it's a nice like kind of.

Because I found it really interesting. A couple of years ago, I got sort of fat shamed because I'd gained maybe, like I was maybe pounds or something.

I don't know, like I was on medicine and I was eating loads of cake and I was having a fucking brilliant time.

I loved everything I ate and I had the money to eat really well. It was just pretty fancy, delicious food that I've always dreamed of being able to afford to eat.

And I was criticized for it so much. And what was interesting, because I didn't really care. I fought back. That was the sort of the beginning of me just being like, okay, fuck you.

So all the pictures that anyone would publish of me were always like me on my own, walking somewhere with like a sort of solemn expression.

And they would never catch me when I was ready for the photograph. It was always-. Or like does it, whereas when I when I'm thin, photographers will speak to me so respectfully, they'll let me put my bag down so I can pose like in my outfit properly and smile, they'll ask me to smile.

And those are the pictures that will be published. And I was like, God, I hadn't noticed until now the narrative of like actually when there's really thin pictures are taken.

I was thoroughly anorexic like crazy anorexic, zero sex drive, not happy. Always thinking about food.

Always thinking about how much my hips are jutting out. Like totally insane. She is an actress, known for Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising Filmography by Job Trailers and Videos.

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Nominated for 1 Golden Globe. Known For. Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising Nora. Monica Lewinsky. Show all 8 episodes. Princess Buttercup.

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