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T-online browser 7 download

23.02.2018 1 Comments

t-online browser 7 download hat den Browser 7 aktualisiert: Mit an Bord ist jetzt der und Windows 7 sowie Windows Vista und XP gratis zum Download hier verfügbar. Die aktuelle Version des Browser, Mozilla Firefox und Internet Explorer zum kostenlosen Download sowie News rund um Browser bei t-online. de. Gelöst: Rufnummer: xx xxxxxxx E-Mail: [email protected] Kundennummer : xxxxxxxx mein Browser 7 funktioniert nicht mehr, trotz Versuch.

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Making payments View frequently asked questions Yes. Thanks so much for all of the time that you put into making this site the BEST! I seem to spend a lot of time with you there…lol!

Tangle till you drop… Aloha, Andy. I took an introductory workshop at the seniors center this week and was amazed to see this. I sure am aware of patterns around me now.

Trying to get started has been made a little easier by this site and wealth of information. Not sure I will ever be able to do some of these patterns but will have fun trying them.

May never be bored again…. Hi Linda — I actually do not go to your tangles site as often as I should, however, I would like to receive the PDF file for your Tangles that you recently mentioned on line.

I was going to make a donation thru my PayPal account — I guess I need your acct number and info to do this — please advise thru email. Thanks for taking the time to put together such an invaluable resource.

The cutting was very inexpensive. Now I feel like I have all the tools I need to begin in earnest. The page you were returned to when you made your donation and the FAQ page on the site explain that Comcast and several other large service providers block large files and request a gmail address I can send the file to.

Obviously your Comcast account has blocked those too. Please email me a gmail address so you can get the file.

Not a huge seeotciln, but enough to get you started. You can do white on black by painting the wood black, and using a white gel pen. When I click on the templates any of them to view I get this message: And when I try to download them the file PDF shows up as not containing any data.

Do I need to find a PC to download these? Many thanks for your wonderful website! Hi Julie, try right-clicking on the links. Thank you for what you have done for us all!

Linda- I tripped across you page thru Pinterest and I want to thank you for the wonderful patterns and the coloured instructions.

It has help a great deal in filling the voids in my zentangle! Thank you very much for a great website. I just got the Tangle guide and was wondering if the tangle guide will include the patterns from the guide, or if it will just have the patterns from the last year?

For , the TanglePatterns. Com Tangle Guide for Hope you and everybody else had a nice Christmas and Holiday and hope everybody have a Happy New Year.

Thank you so much for the lovely 2-up half page forms. All those practice Tangles and Zentangles piling up all over the place altho carefully alphabetized!

I want to thank you for all that you do… I recently discovered Zentangle, through Pinterest. It is quite amazing.

I will eventually save enough for the actual kit that you offer on the site, as I understand the importance of embracing the fine materials used to create structured beauty.

I, too, like to organize, want to set up a three ring binder using your A4 template and alpha tabs.

My question is about the appropriate paper to use for copying or printing the template. Hi Joan, thank you so much for your compliment!

I know…got a zillion print-outs working like that. I am fairly new to doing Zentangles and really would like to organize my tangle patterns with your system.

A4 page — for those who like to organize in 3-ring binders. A5 — for smaller 3-ring binders. Same as 2 but A5 half A4 page size. May I ask for a re-up or maybe a place where I can find them still?

This would be very nice of you. Cheers and happy tangling! I tried to download the two pdf-files a few times today, but never got lucky.

Now they work just fine. I absolutely love this site! Thanks for all you do for the tangling world! Linda, you have the best website. Your dedication to organization and generosity of knowledge and wanting others to succeed is apparent.

Your page is the best of the best. Hi Sheree, and Welcome! Thankyou for letting me subscribe. I am new to Zentangle can nt believe all the patterns there are.

Thank you for your Zentangle instruction. I have to go to many meetings, and tangling keeps relaxed and entertained.

This tangling trick has changed my public image! Thank Kathy, and welcome to our Zentangle community! Yours is yet another endorsement for all of the many excellent benefits of this wonderful art form.

You can use these HTML tags. Email will not be published required. You can also subscribe without commenting. TanglePatterns depends on support from its users to remain online.

Your gift counts, no matter the size and you have my deepest gratitude for your help. July 11, at 3: July 12, at 5: July 14, at 4: July 15, at 5: October 1, at 6: October 1, at January 7, at 9: February 25, at 8: March 23, at 2: March 23, at 3: August 19, at 3: August 24, at 1: August 24, at 9: August 30, at 1: August 30, at 9: September 23, at 9: December 31, at 5: February 29, at April 18, at April 19, at December 28, at 8: May 10, at 8: May 11, at 9: August 10, at 9: December 3, at 3: December 16, at 6: December 24, at 7: December 27, at 6: December 28, at March 7, at 8: March 8, at 9: July 25, at 3: September 1, at

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Januar , abgerufen am Endlich Nachrichten am Rechner schreiben. August , abgerufen am So schalten Sie die Funktion frei.

WhatsApp Blog , abgerufen am Die Zeit , Your Daily Mac, archiviert vom Original am Mai ; abgerufen am September , abgerufen am Archiviert vom Original am September ; abgerufen am November , abgerufen am Juli , abgerufen am Hi Marcello, Thank you for all your hard work!

I tried this url on kodi Could this be because og openelec? I think I know now why this is. Openelec and Raspberry users try to use it with Playlist Loader Addon.

Install to addon at here: This is a unix timestamp that actually tells you when this url stops functioning. Usually this is arount 2: If I try to unzip the.

Since the channel list changed to German and French only, too much buffer to be of use to me. Was great before tho.

Channel groups and logos updated. Channel 4 UK is missing since this morning. Its the reason I started looking for this addon. Hi, since I use the playlist offline and not by URL, I wanted to ask, is the content every day changed?

I mean the token? The playlist is not working since this morning. I hope you you can fix it. No idea what s happened. I hope you can fix it.

Thanks so much for this great project. Hi I didn t get the epg working! I use Raspi 2 with Kodi Do you have an advice for that or is there a trick to get it running?

Ich hab folgendes Problem: Vllt liegt es an meinem Setup, also Raspberry pi2. First of all thank you for your work. But I having a Problem: Could you please advise what I should do?

Users reported comments above it is raspberry bug. HI is there a bug at the epg list too, because i put in the tiny..

Maybe there is another url for it like the channel list for the raspi? With the tiny url the channel list wont work but with this above iptvsaga..

So is there eventually at the epg the same bug like the channel list??? Hi there, you can use according to the group list epg time-shift should work try make to changes before resetting pvr database.

Hi Marcello, tried to use the list from your file http: Tried to run it with a separate Gstreamer and other iptv stuffs, no chance.

Thanks so much for the effort! EPG time-shift fixed follow the comment above. Hello there, It seems there a mistake in the playlist.

The line for channel m6. For instance, it says m6. Hello Admin, Thanks for fixing the playlist and M6. Is it possible to make everything consistent between the playlist and the guide channel ID?

Thanks very much for this web site. Hello, ZDF neo does not work and n24 is not aviable. Hi could you change the tv-ids in your m3u list into the following, so they work with Rytec EPG Downloader?

The latter being the logo of EuroNews. Rytec germany includes the epg for those channels? France2, itv, channel4, etc.?

I tried your epg yesterday and none of those channels had epg info. Because rytec germany does not include info for these channels.

If you changed the tv-id we would be able to use rytec france and uk to get epg info from those channels too.

Do not use this method please. It creates DOS Denial of service on the download sites. Thank you very much for the playlist for german channels.

In rental housing, we must not have a satellite dish and would be very glad if we could watch many Turkish TV channels.

Dann gibt es da noch ein Visuelles Problem mit nick. Hello Admin and Marcello would be any chance to be in this http: Hey, most of the channels do not work anymore.

I always get a permission denied error. HTTP returned error I have a fire TV in the bedroom, the streams no longer work. Because no VPN is between.

The site owner probably thinks we advertise a VPN … but that is not so. The same has made Wilmaa GeoBlock , there do the streams even with a Swiss IP, to be still the streams urls changed at intervals.

Want to say that I want you no harm. The streams run with swiss ip … but currently work no longer. There is no tooken, only geoblocking … The change URLs probably every few days.

For you, it should be no problem and would be very nice. Hi Admin channels used to work perfect till date. But now suddenly nothing is working what can I do?

I made a script on my Server that can add x playlists, edit and sort them according to your wishes. Because I want to sort the channel and every time one thing changed in the Playlist all was for waste.

Hello, new list work, but the channels do not match: IO did not write this plug-in. Pls contact Jin at Kodinerds. I have one issue, i.

I tried to follow instructions above to no vail. Pro7 HD has a problem. It bufferring every few seconds and after a time it stops.

All the other programms are working. Could you please fix? Or is it just me dealing with this issues? Hi Marcello Its the same problem as I wrote you.

Do you have SD channels? Thanks for that SD. Marcello is possible to add more English channels in your TV plan to also upgrade your plan a little bit so that even a few English channels, not only German if there is any possibility, of course, but if I can get some answer that I know what to expect.

The current playlist only has Would it be possible to add the missing ones? And also would it be possible to order them the same way it is ordered in this post?

Pro7 and RTL are lagging, every min it freezes for 10 sec any suggestions? Where can I find an EPG for this list? The Rytec addon isnt working. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

Hi Admin I have sent you the missing station logo for Germany and Italy. I hope you added them. Hi, it is not related to our will, logos are not hosted on our server because of the bandwidth issues.

Thank you for your interest. Sorry for my bad english so long. Would it be possible to add the following english channels? Hello all works fine, thank you for this great work only if you ask nicely you can add sports channels by posting on your facebook page, and maybe somehow still add channels to which you wrote Mark yesterday, if that somehow get the channels for adults.

Otherwise, I could thank for that operating channels and is so good for us viewers bother. Great work thank you so so much!

There is one russian channel in the list even if it music can we get more please?? Would be really great.

Please repair channel logos for: I reset the epg and pvr data. German TV, Kodi Is there a solution? Hi — Admin — again me.. Hello Admin should be able to add a little more English tv channels in this Playlist http: Has anyone got any idea if rytec solution actually exist and how to install it?

For all who direct to spam pages. The URL from the link is wrong. Copy the URL and remove manually one. My EPG is an hour behind but the slider seems to have no affect on the guide?

Hello all works great, thank you for such a good job interested me marcello should be able to add kakanle which has already been written to mark 2.

December and could ms if the scheme can be added to Playlist sports channels and channels for adults if it is not, of course, a problem so we remain very pleased these channels and it works.

Italian channel Rai1 disappeared. Clicking on it activates following channel in the list Rai2 and so on. Please repair it THX.

The Chanel Rename from you does not help. Hi First of all thx for this awesome Service! I have a 32mbit inet line.

Whats The Issue with Those? First of all I would like to commend your work that you have done to this playlist and all these channels that you have added but I have a question about these channels that we can see at this link http: The german channels Tele5 and Puls8 and Puls4 are nt in your update from your playlist.

Can you put it in your Playlist again? Please nice if the raspberry pi openelec add channels 4more, E4, Fashion TV, channel 5, the Travel Channel and several other English tv channels please please please please please please if you can the English scheme extend please please please this will also everyone else brighten days who like to watch English TV channels.

Hi Guys, thanks a lot for all your efforts, but still I cannot see many channels: As it is I cannot watch them at all since they will stutter and jump out for many seconds if not minutes.

Maybe I can edit the advanced. The fact is before the total black-out I was able to see HD channels without any trouble, but as it is now I do not.

Is there any chance this comes because of a de-crypt routine not working as fast as it should…? Hello, some german channels pro 7 ot other buffers 2 — 3 time in a minute.

I have a Mbit connection. Hello and welcome I am writing you because I want firstly to commend your good work to watch IPTV channels through the Internet, and that these two playlist http: Please read the comments carefully.

Hello Admin and Marcelo again all what you write you clearly understand and we have ourselves you read but I would like you to upgrade the English tv scheme but playlist with English channels for us that we have the English language closer than German and that to add even sports tv channels so also for sports enthusiasts have done something good that I also us that we like sports razveselili.

Zasledil I am also the many who wrote for the English tv channels but as far as I noticed nothing has changed, therefore, I also obrnal to you and ask if they could be added, or else praise you that you work hard for us viewers to be able to watch all these channels is really very commendable.

Hello and Greetings I am interested Marcello, Admin if it is possible to add the channels that we see in these two links http: Is it possible to add spanish Real Madrid TV?

Hello and welcome I question whether we can expect more of the English Channel or will remain just as is done sedaj. Dann stimmt der EPG wieder.

Hello again ask nicely if they could had arranged the playlist that would not every morning when I look at what is on which channel should be reset code that then again operating channels, and ask nicely if they can add more English channels I would like to extend the scheme to English please nice.

Nothing works for me. I use mostly the German channels. But from yesterday no program works … any tipps or is the marcello Link down??? Posted by Admin December 9, Please read the comments carefully.

Since november I have as well the buffering issue on french channels: I have the problem on live TV or playlist loader, no differences.

Thanks for the updated connection on Marcello but so so much buffering every 5 seconds even on a fast high speed wired connection. Totally ruined Christmas for my dear old Mother who couldnt watch her favourite German channels she was looking forward to watching over the Christmas period.

Shame, such a shame. Hope it gets fixed on the next updated link, the previous old link worked perfectly until it stopped. Having problems please use tvip.

Have freezing even once? The First Channels do work without issues. On pc is the Same issues its mit hardware and not Internet.

Channels like in your Video does mit have issues, Would you mind try pro7? And if you have no issues, Can you post your Advancedsettings.

Im not sure if its the internet provider having issues with the proxy if there is a a proxy channel between the servers if connecting from germany.

Here my video for you. On daytime it hast more issues than in the night. Hey Admin you do a really good Job i got a mbits Connection But it buffering again again i Checked my connection but still the same.

Create a folder and use it as download folder, do not choose default windows folders like downloads folder. It is solution of that error. It should works, do not forget to use manuel download after changes.

Really good Job Admin. Hi admin, i cannot download the epg onto apple tv. How could i solve this issue? You can try on your own apple tv.

Hey guys, I have that problem on my AppleTV too and tried many different folders because I thougt there would might be a problem with the writing rights but no chance.

Have anyone solved it by time? I recommend get the high-end models of minix, tronsmart, m8 or others. There are many video reviews about that search on youtube.

Hello and thanks for this very very nice work! My question is is it possible to add Russian channels to the playlist.

Read comments and from the start to the bottom twice. Gibt es vielleicht ein problem damit. You can use this for now http: Sorry for my bad english!

Dear IPTVSaga team, the end of the year is a very good occasion to say thank you, you are doing a great job. It it so much fun to watch all these channels and to learn and improve foreign languages because of your great work.

I am really happy, that you invest so much time and energy in this project and I appreciate it. So for the next year, I wish you all the best, may a lot of your dreams come true!

Can it be that no channel is currently working? Only turkish i get. No german or english. But in your list is a mistake.

ATV is not an Austrian program. That would be fine. Please beware before reporting a problem. Thank you for your good wishes, happy new year to every one.

Hello there, Thanks for adding channels to the French group. Could you change the Eurosport channel ID from to Eurosport. Thank you very much for the hard work and happy new year.

Hi Happy new year I have the same problem as some other recent posters — no German channels working Kind regards Jimmy. No channel is functionning.

Thank you and Happy new year. I found this stream at the internet: And here is the logo: UDP streams are not long lasting usually but it was added for the time being.

Hello, Thanks for changing the ID for Eurosport. Hi, rytec servers do not offer to turkish data, ask for help and reporting the error on http: Can you add these 3 french Belgium TV on your playlist.

Perhaps, with your option X-Forwarded-For, we can see all time. Hi guys, Everything is awesome except the streams buffer heaps, anybody else having these issues?

I am in Australia so not sure if that is the issue as international speeds seem bad at the moment. German tv frezze hang after some hourse in daytime.

Can u pls fix it. Im using it on the raspberry pi. Thx for ur help. I get annoyed with this. Please add Cablenoticias channel which transmites in HD: Hello would be able to remove it when it says italian channel but this matters if you can, of course, remove and add more English channels as you have added the Italian and German channels but if you can, please add the beautiful English channels pleas admin and marcello.

Hi Thanks for this channel list! Happy New Year everyone, and thanks for the great job here. My network is OK. I use kodi Almost works very well and we got bored of saying the same thing.

Hello again, or really nothing to do in order to add even those channels for which I gave you the link. Could you add the biathlon streaming available on http: Nur eine Frage, bin auch so mehr als zufrieden!

Thanks for the great work. Thanks for the great work, and Happy New Year. Most of the german channels and some turkish channels dont work, If u could update the channels would be nice.

Merged EPG-Files do not work properly. BBC is not loaded. Thank you for adding the russian channels. It would be great if you would add the russian channel NTV.

Could you fix it please. It would be great if KODI could work with your links and update the playlist automatically at the start. Hope you get the buffering issues fixed until friday, when the next season of german junglecamp starts..

Hello friends — BBC4 is no longer available — would be so grateful if you could put that back in again! At first I want to thank you for your work , I really appreciate it.

Sadly while watching Pro7 today the stream suddenly stopped and now many channels arent working…please fix it. At many stations , the list does not match the displayed.

Then does not fit Accordingly also the EPG. Among other things, as regards channels of RTL. Can you please fix. Hi Admin, thanks for your job. Many german channels are not compatible with the logo.

Many channels are gone like RTL2, Tele5 and so on. Hi, thanks a lot for your work! Im not sure if it works with this link: Since a week or two i am having a lot of buffering issues.

It is definitely not from my side as when i try other streams they work just fine. I watch mostly italian and english channels.

Hi Marcello, just wanted to check that there is still a buffering issue, would it be on my end or from the stream.. Im currently running Kodi on Pi2.

Reading the post i see you mention a cache issue. I have 30mbps internet. I tried the advanced settings. You can use to twitter for request or suggestions.

I have buffering issues too … I tried to tweak the buffer size http: If I stop and relaunch the channel it works again,. We show you how to do it soon.

Guys if what you are talking about stops the buffering issues then please tell us how rather than adding new channels. I really appreciate what you have done but is useless if unwatchable.

I test the channels since some month. I think the server to slow to fit all the users. Just me dealing with this issue?

Yes, I have the same problems: Was not working for about 30 minutes. Then I gave up. I appreciate your work a lot, Thanks! Tried a lot of KODI and system restarts yesterday — without any success.

Is it possible to use the cyrillic name of russian channels? All this system have kodi Is it possible to build in polish channels? Thanks for a great service.

After som initial fiddling it works perfectly. However, is there any chance that we will see Swedish and Nordic channels in the future the original post memtions these, but the current version of the list does not contain any such channels?

On Raspberry sometimes it is does not function! And I dont know why — the playlist seems to be offline sometimes: Is it possible to merge EPG Data with different time shift?

Do you know why Pro7 HD is always offline? Does it work for you guys atm? It seems that the webserver where the m3u playlist is hosted has a problem.

If i try to open the url in a browser i get an HTTP error. There is no longer access to playlist via browser. Thx for the Info! We do not allow access to playlist from the browser.

That does not work any more now. How can this be fixed? Do you have an email where could contact you? O could you explain here how that would fix my problem?

On a php server create a new file alex. We made the necessary explanation above. Do not show a way to grabbers. If I stop the project, your method will be useless.

I really appreciate your service. YOur service has become quite useless. I really appreciate it, too. But in the last days and weeks the german SD channles crashed afer seconds.

I would even pay monthly for a fullworking service. Other HD channels worked fine. Cache and buffer are set with higher values.

Sorry, we do not sell any service. RTL and Pro7 has different periods to tokens. The xml merge file seems to be ok and updated.. Explanation was made above.

Hello my device is kodi on Windows iOS and firestick Android. No Funktion At all devices. What can i do i tryed all links i read in this forum. It seems like you have another problem.

Follow to the guide and comments step by step. Please give me an actual m3u link. Ok i try all things Now it just doesent work on kodi on iPad 9.

I Test it also in kodi We have made the necessary changes, please report the results to us. Sorry… i habe seen this yet!!!

On my Devices Windows, Android and Openelec all works fine. Perhaps on Apple it is different, or on some Kodi Versions. Please report the results.

Cannot get any channels since the protection was introduced. My system is Android CM12 and Kodi So the only way to use it now is with Simple PVR?

This will be a pitty. Hello since 2 days the German channels dont run. For a few days, the French channel 6ter has audio and no video.

Is there a trick to get the video to start? Restart to kodi or reset the pvr database under tv settings. What protocol do these channels use?

I tried every protocol I could think of: It wors just perfect with PVR. I was using Playlist Loader. Thanks again for your great work.

Hello Admin and thank you. I have a fire tv and i put the url you indicated http: FYI for people that are having buffering issues on android tv boxes, uncheck the firs two of three radio buttons for hardware acceleration in system settings and it works like a dream.

Also I cant activate the Swedish channels.. Tested some of german locations via VPN, all working. The same here germany, deutsche Telekom.

After that there was no possiblity to get them back working. I will make a try via vpn later this evening. Since today or yesterday its working not more many another have the same Problem in the german Kodi group.

Als channels are in the List but they dont load. Kodi saY working for one Minute then nothing. I also wonder what happen whit the Swedish channels??

I did chose Swedish, but no playlist for that!?!?!? And sorry to nag all the time, but I can not get the Swedish channels after I selected this.

Is there anything special I should do?? Hi Same problem no channel is working since today! I think there is something wrong with the channel list bacause with free tv stream all channels will work on my pc.

HI Does anyone know that you need an other dns or do you need a vpn that the channels will work again.

As I told you yesterday I made a short test via vpn. Streams start, but the speed is too low. Ok it seems not all German ip were blocked.

I have a 1xx. I restart my fritzbox servel times and i get a With 80 ip ist works Fine. With the dont. So People try to get a Low ip and it will run for you.

Admin , Can you for the sender logos , which do not exist , add a graphic name anyway? Instead of all to give the same name.

Then you can rename homemade logos and does not need every day all logos that have been made manually insert again.

But the german TV not working. Yesterday everything was still running without problems. Zenmate VPN promotion still is active. Find a fast proxy except germany on https: The proxy solution isnt really a solution IMHO.

Most public proxies are very, very slow and not very reliable. I did the following just two hours ago. I signed up to http: Using this service will hide your real IP.

I am using a french IP on my raspberry 2 at the moment. Testing it right now, and it works very good. All German Channels are working with no lag at all.

You can cancel your subscription within three days if you are not satisfied. The montly subscriptions costs 7. Ok, for the non-english speakers: Habe mir vor zwei Stunden ein VPN account bei http: There are many public proxies working fast.

We do not recommended paid VPN services because of no guarantee of our playlist. Ok, I do understand. I just wanted to offer an alternative solution.

If there are fast proxies more than fine with me. By the way, great work by you guys. We highly appreciate your hard work. Thumbs up and keep the spirit alive: I am neither related nor affiliated with the owners of http: Bin weder verwandt noch sonst irgendwie mit dem Anbieter von http: Find a fast proxy except germany location on https: Zuviel Traffic aus Deutschland ist einer davon und sehr naheliegend.

Danach musst du dann eben entscheiden wie es weitergeht. Admin Sorry for posting Kodi logs if that is not desired here. I did get the error with the correct address set up in Kodi: With the same settings, everything works flawlessly with Kodi on my PC.

Must be something with the User-agent restrictions. You should have access, we see users in the server logs there is not any problem about android, cm12 may have caused the your problem.

Hi Ich bin nur ein rookie! Ich hab nen zenmat account! Kann mir da jemand weiter helfen! Hello, I have a question regarding rytecepgdownloader and I am particularly interested in why I can not see the program KODI to see the TV guide , I think EPG for many channels often happens that writes not merged something and then when I want to see the EPG unfortunately I can not see what is wrong and how in order to resolve this matter and to get the EPG of other channels.

In your list two programs are the same: Both programs shows the SWR. Vpn wird wohl auf dem aftv stick nicht funktionieren. Wenn ich das richtig verstanden habe, muss der aftv gerootet sein.

Und meiner ist es nicht…. Die meisten deutschen Sender haben sowieso nie wirklich funktioniert. Wie es geht, findest du auf mydealz.

Kannst auch dort Kommentare lesen. Hi, ich brauche Hilfe. Wie kann ich deutschsprachige Sender weiter nutzen? In keiner davon ist in den Systemeistellungen Internet Access vorhanden.

Bei allen von mir Installierten Versionen sieht es an besagter Stelle wo es sein sollte so aus. Welchen ISP habt ihr?? Bei mir geht nix.

Einen proxy mit dem es wieder hell wird, hab ich auch nicht gefunden. Proxys waren online, alles lief, bis auf TV. Hallo, die liste bzw sender funktionieren nicht mehr mit dem playlistloader.

Weiss jmd den Grund? Iptv simplecclient ohne probleme aber playlistloader ohne erfolg. Im Moment funktionieren sie nicht.

Gibt es da Hoffnung dass es bald wieder geht? Oder hat jemand Tips wo es qualitativ gute und stabile Quellen gibt? Only few channel runs without problem.

Thank you in advance. How can I find logs to tell me what is wrong if this is not the problem? Open failed with code for http: Open — failed to open source Checked, there is no problem, some french users reported the problem about access to our site.

Maybe this is the cause of your problem. It needs just a URL or gz? Does it exist or can it be done? We do not provide any url because of it overload the servers.

Can you put the file here so I can download it please? Mit Zenmate funktioniert es sehr gut. Keine Aussetzer, auch Abends nicht. Seit ein paar tagen zeigen wie ard,zdf, NDR usw immer den ganzen tag das gleiche an.

Windows 10 funktioniert alles super. Could you remove it from the German channels group? Could you please add some Romanian channels too?

Especially Digisport 1,2,3,4 and Eurosport 1 and 2 and Dolcesport 1,2,3,4. Hi, immer dieser VPN geldmacherei. Wenn deutsche Sender weg dann halt weg.

Vom Provider wird nichts geblockt. Only 3 day available: Hi, no changes were made on group names. Reload the playlist if the problem continue, please take a screenshot and send to info iptvsaga.

Dann werden nur noch ca. Senegal to be exact. I have install Kodi servel times. The problem that some people have is that the servers filters out the User-agent header.

Its actually not the desired behaviour, what is intended by the responsibles, I am pretty sure. Would appreciate if this issue would be fixed by the Admin, thanks!

Wie gesagt, es betrifft nur einige Sender. Hat jemand eine Idee? Only 3 days available: I think there are many people watching and than it began to stottering ore in the worst case the german channels are comletly down.

So I dont want to juge you guys because you did a relly good job. So i want to support that what you doing. Wat can I do? I would donate some money if that helps ore helping with other work.

This Problem for a long time I never had. Now all channels working perfectly! But some of them are changed. Pro7 is Pro7 Maxx etc. Can you already fix this?

Thank you so much for your great work! Rytec EPG Downloader not working anymore! Grrr Also manual download not working! Tried reinstall, reset epg, reset of pvr database in Kodi, but no success!

Problem started at time change to summertime! Yesterday it works perfectly. All working, be sure about your ISP has not been blocked by provider or check your vpn connection.

Hi Marcello, is the third time I am asking to add addicional channels to the Portuguese List. Here are some channels with the links that work.

Please add them as soon as possible, there are lots of Portuguese viewers around the world that rely on your channels playlist.

Thank You in advanced. We never add to paid channels, if you have more non-commercial channels we will be glad to adding. Hallo ich habe eine IP mit 77 und bis heute morgen hat alles wunderbar funktioniert mit den TV Sendern aber Jetzt geht nichts mehr, kann mir jemand sagen woran es liegt.

Vorher ging alles ohne Proxy und jetzt seit gestern nicht mehr? Same here… O2 bisher alles wunderbar, in 6 Monaten nicht ein einziges mal Buffering, aber seit ein paar Tagen keine Ahnung wann genau, maximal ne halbe Woche, schau zur Zeit nicht so oft gar nix mehr.

Can you help me? I have fire stick i set up the way you said , i see the download progress but when i checked the channel no tv guide , what i do wrong?

Channels are loading nothing happen Error, could not open file http: Will the service be fixed? Could you perhaps give us an update?

I think it is not the provider. Maybe the streams are now regionally blocked at your site already? Already thought this would be the problem.

Not working any channel! Always load, but not seen. Windows 7 with kodi isengard. Posted by Admin April 13, Provider set to geo blocking.

Accessible only with swiss ip. We already announced to necessary explanation. Most countries blocked by stream provider, you can get access via VPN with swiss locations.

I install oneclickvpn on Fire TV and it works but laggi. And the vpn is gratis. Have someone a bezter vpn for free with Swiss IP support.

First of all, thank you for all your work to date, and putting up with a lot of nonsense. I have enjoyed using all the French, Italian and English channels.

We have had some interruptions, from which there was recovery. With regards to channels in the languages I mentioned, this latest incident is NOT due to geo blocking, or at least to the type of geo-blocking which can be resolved with a normal VPN.

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